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Highline Hong Kong

HK's first highline, set and walked during the 2013 Mid-Autumn Festival. Featuring the debut of our new Bloodline longline webbing.


Rio Zhang, Shane Yates

Director of Photography

Edward Kearney (Tah Dah Productions)

Thank yous

Big thank you to Matthew Perrett and Shane Yates for their efforts in rigging and safety.
Special thanks to Andy Knight for helping produce this video and the HK slacklining community for coming out and supporting us.

Our generous sponsors

DJI - providing aerial footage from the S800 EVO
Climbing Anchors - bolting hardware
Defy - providing a pre-release G5 gimbal
Canon HK - loan of extra lenses
Music by Oliver Tank - Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion

Important safety warning

Highlining and slacklining is a dangerous activity. Proper procedures and techniques must be followed to ensure safety. For assistance contact Pure Slacklines or your local highlining community.