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Just feels right.

Webbing an inch wide creates the perfect slacklining experience. Not too loose and not too tight. The right amount of flow and dynamic feel, it reacts to your every move.

Silky smooth.

Tightly woven tubular webbing maximises comfort while remaining supple, lending soft sensitivity under foot. Feel the flow.

Mega strong.

Walk, balance, jump to your hearts content. It's designed to take it. Tested and rated to meet CE standards.

Set and forget.

With tree protection built into every anchor sling, protecting the trees is so easy you don’t even need to think about it. Integrated so it can't fall off. With TreeHuggers doing right by the trees is effortless.

No rubbing.

Eliminating the biggest cause of tree damage, anchor slings move inside protection sleeves instead of rubbing against tree bark. As the slackline tightens, the slings slide into position. While you're walking and bouncing, they shift up and down inside the sleeve. All without rubbing against the tree.