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PureLock Guide

WARNING - For slackline use only. Seek qualified instruction. Contact Pure Slacklines if you are unsure how to use this product. Do not modify in any way.
Slacklining is dangerous. Understand and accept the risks involved before participating. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Failure to read and follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death!

Using the PureLock

Installation of Webbing (aka Single Wrap)

  1. Fold your webbing with the walking side on top
  2. Pass the folded webbing behind the diverter
  3. Wrap the webbing around the diverter and up towards the front pin hole
  4. Close the pin inside the webbing loop


  • Always double check the shackle pin is closed and the pin lock is engaged.
  • The webbing should be flat and free from twists.
  • Back up the non-walking side of the webbing.
  • Use 1"/25mm, nylon & polyester webbing only.

To pre-tension, pull the non-walking side of the webbing (see illustration above).

Load Angle

  • Straight pull ratings are WLL 12kN, MBS 60kN.
  • 90° loading de-rate by 20% (WLL 9kN, MBS 48kN).
  • Never exceed a 90° load angle.

How To 1.5 Wrap

For high-tech webbing made out of dyneema or vectran, you need to use this 1.5 wrap method to prevent the more slippery webbing from slipping through the device.
Unlike traditional weblocks, with the PureLock you can 1.5 wrap in the middle of the webbing rather than needing an end.

To start, pass the webbing over the lock insert. The walking strand of the webbing should be on top. Grab both strands in the front and wrap over and around the lock insert. Connect the shackle and click the pin into the loop. This will be 2 layers of webbing. Check there is 3 layers of webbing over the diverter and there are no twists in the webbing.

CAUTION: Always secure the tail end of the webbing after installing into the PureLock.


Our testing shows a slight increase in internal forces for 1.5 Wrap with slippery hi-tech webbing, but the PureLock is still strong enough to be rated to the full WLL 12kN (MBS 60kN) for 1.5 Wrap mode.

Webbing slippage was tested for both vectran (Spidersilk used) and hybrid (Moonwalk used) from 1kN to 12kN and no slippage was found. We do not recommend rigging to higher than 12kN as this exceeds the WLL of the PureLock.


Connecting to Smaller Pulleys

The best way to attach the PureLock to an RE Mini Double or similar sized pulley is to use a quicklink + 60cm dyneema sling. Recommend sizes for strength are:

  • 8mm stainless steel quicklink (MBS of 50kN)
  • 60cm dyneema sling quadrupled (MBS of 4x 22kN)

This can easy be attached to suit both standard and right angle reeving.

Safety Info

  • Always use safety precautions and back up gear.
  • Inspect your gear before every use for wear, deformation, cracks or damage.
  • Damaged gear must be retired immediately.
  • Typical lifetime of 3 to 10 years.
  • Store in a dry place away from extremes of temperature and avoid chemical exposure.


The lock insert push button and the shackle pin slider may become difficult to operate or experience high friction if the PureLock has been subject to water or dust. Careful cleaning of any foreign particles and re-lubrication of the moving parts is required. Use a light machine oil (e.g. 3 in 1 oil or sewing machine oil) only. Do not use any harmful chemicals or WD40.

Do not remove any screws or components. The screws are thread locked and torqued to spec from the factory. For any maintenance issues get in touch and we would be happy to service the PureLock for you (shipping and labour charges may apply).

Limited Warranty

For one year following purchase to the original buyer. We warrant that our products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Contact us for any warranty questions or issues.

    NOTE: This is an evolving user guide. Subject to changes and update at any time.