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PureKit 30m

The ultimate kit.

Easily set up to any length up to 30m long.

Double tightening system for easily setting up long lines or super tight short lines.

Includes TreeHuggers, tree protection the easy way. Small and lightweight, you'll always have them with you and the trees will thank you. Never worry about padding that falls off ever again! The sleeved design allows the integrated sling to slide and shift without damaging the tree.

Smooth webbing with just the right amount of stretch. While nylon is great for climbing and abseiling use, as a slackline it feels heavy and unresponsive. We use a polyester webbing for it's superior characteristics and feel. We developed a fine weave pattern that gives a super smooth feel under your feet. (It's also super strong - CE rated to 18kN)

High-tech hardware made of forged aluminium alloy. Engineered for strength while staying super lightweight. The tightening system weighs under 200 grams! Compare that to a 1kg ratchet and the choice is obvious. (Carabiner CE rated to 21kN, Linelocker: 15kN, Rigging Plate: 20kN)
Kit contains:

  • 30m of Pure Webbing
  • Pair of 2m TreeHuggers
  • 6x Slackline Carabiners
  • 2x Linelockers
  • 1x Rigging Plate

Weight: 3.4kg